Financial Advisory Services

  • Valuations for M&A purposes
  • Related parties transactions
  • Transaction Support and economic due-diligence
  • Valuation for tax purposes (409A )
  • Transfer Pricing Study (TP)
  • Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

Financial Reporting

  • Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)
  • Goodwill Impairment tests
  • Share Based Compensation (ESOP, Warrants)
  • Financial Instruments (Derivaties)
  • Contingent Consideration Valuation
  • Actuarial Models (IAS19)

Project Finance

  • Advising bidders and Drafting Of financial submissions of infrastructure tenders
  • Preparation of Financial Models
  • Financial Model Audit and review Of Models
  • Advising governmental entities in infrastructure tenders
  • Project feasibility and profitability studies
  • Financial risk analysis and risk management

Expert Opinion

  • Economic Expert Opinion for Judicial system
  • Capital Reduction Opinions
  • Expert Opinion for Business restructuring and other tax purposes
  • Valuations for Balance payments